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Last Minute Gifts- DIY Self Care

Posted by Sierra Zamarripa on

It's getting pretty late in the season but with life and holidays and everything at once it can tricky to get holiday shopping done in time! Here a couple of super simple ideas for self care gifts that can easily be low waste.

How cute would it be to make this into a project involving your kid! Ask them to help mix, pour and decorate homemade tags! You can't go wrong with a gift that shows the love you put into it.

DIY last minute gifts 

It's more than likely you have some spare jars or containers perfect for a scrub! Epsom salts can be pretty easily found from the pharmacy to your local refill shops. If you're ordering- I'd recommend Saltworks for all your salt needs.


Low waste epsom salts

My absolute favorite scrub is just two ingredients! Masa + olive oil. If you don't love a more natural/scentless exfoliant you could add a few drop of essential oil. The scent will also depend on the quality of your olive oil. Cold pressed is best as it means the olives haven't been treated with heat or chemicals. 

diy exfoliant

A crowd pleaser is this simple coffee scrub that can be used for body or as a facial exfoliant if you grind the coffee extra fine. Add a neutral oil + sugar and you're done!

simple diy coffee scrub

The ingredients are all basic enough to find in your local grocery store. If you've got packaging on your mind or lack thereof- most bulk stores (even the stores with slim pickings) have these basics. 

Easy sugar scrubs

Reuse an old jar, mason jar or even those cute tiny french puddings that come in glass with screw tops! If you're ordering you could check out SKS Bottle. 

DIY self care gifts

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