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Low Waste Essentials

I believe that it doesn't take much to start your low waste journey. You probably already have most of the things you need to refuse common single use plastics. Everyone has a mountain of free totes and I'm sure if you search your cupboard or fridge you'll find some jars- Hi old tomato sauce! The essentials I suggest calling home consist more of everyday household items as opposed to the totes and utensil sets (which yes you can still find in our store).

Reducing your carbon foot print looks different for everyone. For me and my family, it's what I like to call intentional or conscious shopping. I try to stick to used + vintage, bulk or sustainably made goods. For some purchases I have an internal dialogue that goes- "Can I repair this, reuse it or recycle it?". It's important that if it breaks, the only option isn't straight to the landfill. In some cases ( distracting plastic baby seat) I'll find it second hand and then sell once we no longer need it. Our shopping looks a bit different and sometimes might need to be a little more thought out like always keeping a plethora of jars, produce bags and totes on me. 



Simplifying the items we use regularly has helped me realize what's actually necessary. My bathroom basics consist of a bamboo toothbrush, tooth paste or powder, multi purpose salve, a shampoo + body bar and deodorant. I'll add a reef-safe sunblock and the occasional face mask but gone are the days of my medicine cabinet bursting with free samples, various moisturizers, and things that lift, tingle and peel!

I've put together a few favorites for greening your routine.

A low waste life isn't about going out and buying up all new everything that is cute and branded zero waste. Go slowly, go sustainably. Use what you have and slowly find more eco alternative to the products you use on a regular basis. And don't underestimate what you already have! A fork and spoon rolled into a napkin, that free tote from an event, your jars from pasta nights. Get the word out that you're looking for some of these things if you don't have them- your friends might be happy to unload some stuff!

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