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Wanderers Tarot

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Wanderer’s Tarot was born out of the desire for a tarot deck centered in feminine wisdom and elemental magic. The tarot holds limitless wisdom for spiritual beings of our age, as we face unprecedented changes and opportunities for transformation.

The cards are based on traditional tarot symbolism, which has been transmuted by the need for feminine insight and awakening. For the magical practitioner, these cards speak to our magical tools and talismans. The suites of Moons (Cups), Stones (Pentacles), Knives (Swords) and Feathers (Wands) will lead you to a deeper understanding of your personal power— emotionally, materially, mentally, and passionately.

  • 78 heavy-weight cards with silver edges
  • Fold-out guide sheet
  • Deluxe hinged lid box
  • Beautifully designed inside and out

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