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Rocket Queen #1

Rocket Queen #1

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Zine / pamphlet

Possibly one of the best, most insightful zines ever written, rocket queen is author janet's tale of working as a dancer in asheville, nc. Janet examines all the reasons why someone would want to dance for money, and her own motivations for doing so, including issues of freedom, power, and attention. She also deconstructs the different types of customers that come to clubs, like the sugar daddy that wants to take care of you, or the savior that wants to save you from a life of stripping. It's all told in a matter of fact style that doesn't demonize stripping, and doesn't romanticize it either. Rocket queen has the familiar tone of a friend telling you about their job; what they like, and what they don't. And the whole thing is just so intelligent, honest, and witty. It's highly recommended for anyone who's danced or thought about dancing, or even those who have friends that dance. Rocket queen will change the way you think about sex work.

Made in United States of America

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