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Respect The Earth

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Friendly animals show simple ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle in these 48 cards that demonstrate answers to questions about relationships with the larger world. For example: Before you recycle containers? Rinse your recyclables!

Cultivate kind behavior, thoughtfulness, and respect for others. Contains 48 flash cards that present situations and ask for an appropriate response. Whether reinforcing rules or introducing children to unfamiliar situations, these cards inspire conversations about responsibilities and values. Parent cards describe ways to use the cards, and suggest ways to reinforce conscientiousness. Engaging animals respectfully sharing basic concepts were created by author and illustrator Saxton Freymann. 

    Eeboo is a women + family owned and operated company. They print their puzzles and games on extra thick recycled gray board so you can reuse again and again! The materials are also 90% recycled and printed using vegetable based inks. Their products have won hundreds of toy awards.

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