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OK Tarot

OK Tarot

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An inclusive and minimal tarot deck that’s open to interpretation. "OK" illustrations offer a fresh perspective (and no spooky dead guys!) so anyone can find themselves represented within.

The hand-drawn and very pink OK Tarot deck features simple illustrations of the major and minor arcana by artist and author Adam J. Kurtz. Created for beginners and enthusiasts alike, this deck brings a sense of playful lightness to your readings and will help spark conversations and spiritual connection (with others and within yourself).

The sturdy lidded box holds 78 standard cards and a 48-page introduction booklet with interpretation guide for each symbol, along with two bonus stickers! Brimming with hope and good energy, this deck avoids depictions of race, religion, or gender to help YOU focus your intention, find clarity, and remember that even if things aren’t perfect, they’re still going to be OK.

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