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Astral in Body Herbal Smokes

Astral in Body Herbal Smokes

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This blend is primarily a social smoke. Feel connected to your energy body but nestled in your physical body. Relaxing and sometimes giggly.

It is also good for dealing with intense moon energy solo or in company. We have had a lot of fun testing this one. It is great for sitting around having strange conversations.

Available in:
Filtered 12 per pack
Classics (handmade, fully compostable, & little message to uncurl after smoking. 10 per pack.

All ingredients organic and/or wildcrafted: mullein, mugwort, yarrow, and blue vervain.
Astral in Body ingredientes, hierbas orgánicas y/o cosechado salvaje: gordolobo, milenrama, artemisa, y verbena azul.

**This product contains no tobacco, no nicotine, no thc, nor any cbd. 

Stuffed with love in Portland, OR.

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