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Unfuck Your Bread Zine

Unfuck Your Bread Zine

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Love bread, but can't eat wheat? Dr. Faith feels your pain and has got you covered with this zine full of recipes for delicious raised loaves and baked treats that don't require gluten. When she's not writing bestselling mental health books, teaching other therapists, or seeing clients, she's unwinding in the kitchen, cooking for a group of family and friends with tons of dietary restrictions. She'll teach you to make a wide variety of tasty yeasted, raised, and unraised loaves, like almond-flour sandwich bread, potato-starch flatbread, flax bread, cassava flour bread, banana bread, rice-flour pancakes, cornbread, socca, waffles, biscuits, and brownies. There's something for everyone here to expand your repertoire and get in on the baking action.

Most of these recipes can be made vegan, sugar-free, or keto as well as gluten-free. 

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