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Metta Lettuce Mix

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  • Certified Organic Seed

    Species various

    Lactuca sativa

    A mix of colors and textures for baby leaf lettuce. Enjoy all season long.

      In the Pali language of ancient Buddhism, “Metta” is the word for loving-kindness, the attribute of benevolence and good will felt toward others. In our neck of the woods, “Metta” evokes the name of our road and the nearby hamlet: Mettacahonts, a word likely of Mahican origin that means “tree-shaded creek.” So, we named this lovely lettuce mix “Metta” to express our love for it, to embody the good will of sharing seeds, and to help our customers feel connected to our little seed farm in this beautiful corner of the world.

      Contains Flashy Butter Oak, Rouge d'Hiver, Buttercrunch Bibb, Tango, and Hyper-Red Rumpled Wave lettuces. 

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