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Pippin's Golden Honey Pepper

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  • Certified Organic Seed

    Capsicum annuum

    A highly decorative, dazzling sweet pepper with a past.

      Seeds have been traded for generations—and, according to author and seed steward extraordinaire William Woys Weaver, sometimes even given in exchange for bee stings. Folk artist Horace Pippin suffered from an injury for which “bee sting therapy” provided relief. Will’s grandfather H. Ralph Weaver provided the bees, and Pippin gave him seeds, many of which are part of Will’s Roughwood Seed Collection. Being sweet, this pepper lacks sting. But we are confident that it will still generate plenty of buzz!

      This pepper dazzles with purple flowers with pendant fruit on 32" plants. 3-3½" pods ripen from black (with green interiors) to honey-mustard, and then to golden-orange. Sweet flavor with very thin flesh ideal for stuffing or pickling. A potted plant makes a great edible decoration for summer gatherings.

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