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Lavender Ginger Elixir

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The Lavender Ginger Elixir is a shelf stable, handcrafted elixir with a best buy date of 1 year from the time of purchase. Elixirs will need to be refrigerated after opening.

  1. Shelf Stable
  2. 1 Year+ Shelf Life Provided
  3. Handcrafted in Glass Bottles, not Plastic
  4. 8.5 oz. Bottle makes 80+ oz. of drinks (8+ Servings)
  5. 2 oz. Bottle makes 20+ oz. of drinks (2 Servings)
  6. Can be taken in their pure form, and most customers mix 1 oz. of elixir to 10 oz. of other either hot, cold or sparkling water.
  7. Elixir can also be used in baking, marinating, cooking, dipping, salad dressings, mixed drinks, etc.

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