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Double Red Sweet Corn

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  • Zea mays

    Extra nutritious sweet corn, dunked in the deepest maroon

      The spectacularly red tone of this sweet corn was achieved by the brilliant Dr. Alan Kapuler (aka Mushroom) of Peace Seeds, who has developed new varieties on his small organic farm for decades. His work with this corn, of course, builds on centuries of selection done by indigenous people of the Americas. Our gardens are continuations not just of plant genetics, but of history. Step into this legacy with gratitude, care, and reverence: you are, through your garden, carrying on the work of countless ancestors.

      Without doubt, Double Red is of the most beautiful corns we've ever seen. Deep red kernels, husk, foliage, cob, and silk. The dark kernels are naturally high in anthocyanins, antioxidants linked to dark red, purple and blue pigments. Delicious fresh, but can also be dried for cornmeal and flour. 1-2 ears per plant.

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