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Maguey Dry Brush

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Used in spas the world over, dry brushing is a traditional technique that helps to slough dead cells, reduces the appearance of cellulite, cleanses the lymphatic system, supports digestion, increase energy, tightens skin and stimulates circulation. In addition to this, our artisan partners claim that these brushes help to encourage a healthy immune system and a healthy heart.

For best results, the brush can be moved across the body in firm, small strokes in an upwards or circular motion towards the heart. With the daily addition of this ritual for 3 – 5 minutes a day, skin will be substantially softer and firmer, and overall health improved.

Dimensions: Approximately 20cm long body, with a 10cm x 12cm head

This piece is only for use as a dry brush. Water will destroy the bristles irreparably. 

Hecho Artisans:
This democratic group of 12 women collaborate on a range of products – including baskets, handwoven and embroidered textiles, along with delicately scented handmade soap that is made from local, organic ingredients.

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