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  • Introduction to Weaving with Jen Neal Studio — October 21st 3-6pm

Join us for a 3 hour lesson to learn how to create your own woven wall hanging. This class will teach you the basic weaving stitches, plus provide you with all of the supplies that you need to begin weaving like a pro. You can translate these skills into weaving garments, pillow covers and more. Join our weaving tribe! You will leave class with a built-in network of weavers who will cheer you on along the way.

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  • Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop — November 11th 3-5pm

Our 2 hour introductory class will teach you how to make a macrame plant hanger.
Great for beginners interested in macrame! You'll learn three basic knots and leave with your finished piece.

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  • Block Printing + Furoshiki Workshop — November 18th 3-6pm

In this class we will be making stamps out of repurposed materials and printing them on fabric and card stock.

We will also learn a few Furoshiki techniques (the Japanese art of fabric wrapping) so you can package your gifts with hand printed designs.

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  • Watercolor Exploration with Floral Inspiration — December 7th 7-9pm

Students will learn basic watercolor techniques and then complete a series of watercolor paintings! Techniques such a dry brush and wet into wet will be demonstrated by our teacher, primarily focused on depicting flowers, followed by ample time for students to experiment with the materials and techniques on their own. Create your own masterpiece without the restrictions of "copying" the teacher. Floral arrangements will be on hand for inspiration!

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