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Rose Quartz Face Mask

Rose Quartz Face Mask

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Rose Quartz vibration nourishes, heals and promotes joy.  This gemstone is traditionally the stone of unconditional love and harmony and, as such, is ideal for use on the face.  Legends and myths abound around rose quartz. Beauty-wise, the Egyptian goddess Isis apparently rubbed river-tumbled rose quartz over her face in upward motions and around the eyes to help retain her beauty. According to Ayurvedic texts, the radiant energy of warmed rose quartz crystals as they are massaged on the skin, along the energy channels (nadi) and energy points (marmas), replenishes and restores the energy centres within the body.
Rosehips are the fruit of wild roses. They contain high levels of vitamin C, which provide antioxidants and anti-aging properties.  
Pearls act as a potent antioxidant, boosting the body's own enzymes and reducing peroxidation. Pearl also contains polysaccharides, 17 amino acids, minerals and proteins, including conchioline, which helps replenish and rebuild the skin’s natural collagen.  Pearl is sourced by Sunpotion.  
Mix with water, honey or Gypsy Rose Toner and then apply to face. Let dry and rinse off.  Follow with Ojas Face Serum.  This crystal infused face mask will cleanse your pours from impurities while nourishing and restoring your skin cells.  
Powered Rose Quartz 
Pearl ( Sunpotion )
White Kaolin Clay
Marshmallow Root Powder
Oatstraw Powder 
Aloe Vera

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